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CPU fan clicking?

Hello ,
My CPU fan recently started clicking. (Hyper 212 Evo). Ive checked for cables that could have been in the way but it seems to just click without reason. I purchased it 2 months ago so it's still under warranty so I can return it.

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  1. So return it? If you don't see any obvious objects obstructing it, it's probably something inside, which will be difficult for you to fix. Get a new fan that you can mount on the cooler or send the thing in for RMA.
  2. well if its under warranty, contact the company. or just replace the fan, your choice.
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    Grab 2 coolermaster sickle flow fans and run a push\pull. :D
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  5. Thank you. I'll probably RMA the cooler and get a new one.
    I have and extra CM Sickle flow fan so I will add that to make a push pull.
    Thank you all.
  6. I have a CoolerMaster V8 that seems to be doing the same thing but I can't see through the frame to the fan to see if anythings in the way. So, if you ever find out what caused the clicking noise, please let me know. I need to know whether or not to replace this thing.
  7. It's the bearing in the fan. Almost impossible to fix so just send it back if you can. If not, Buy a new fan for it.
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