Projector problem with Radeon HD 4860

I'm trying to run a projector as a second display for powerpoint presentations etc. The issue I'm running into is that as soon as I connect the projector the fan on the GPU spins up to 100% and I lose all of my displays. I've got my LCD connected through HDMI (with no adapters). The Projector is connected to the DVI output through a DVI to VGA adapter. I can run any other LCD display through the DVI-VGA adapter with the HDMI display working correctly. I can also run the projector off of another computer through a DVI-VGA adapter (formerly worked with another PC, currently works with a mac.) The projector is 800x600. I've tried different cables, different adapters, etc. Anyone got any ideas to try out? I'm getting to the point where I don't know what else to try and it doesn't make sense.
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  1. Nobody has any ideas at all? Bummer.
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