My i7 860 quad core processor and heat sink are overheating

Ok so I custom made my own computer for the first time

First things first.. When I installed it I took off the paste that was provided and then I followed arctic silver's instructions and placed a vertical line over the processor. The thing that worried me was that I saw 'cpu temperature error press f1 to resume" so.. I decided to go back to open BIOS and it said my temperature was at 63 degrees celsius which I thought was kind of high.

THEN I went back to try to apply more thermal compound and stuff (after cleaning it off with a slightly damp paper towel and completely dried off and no residue left). I re-applied it and when I went to check my power temperature again, it started at 63 and slowly went up by .5 every 2 seconds.. So after a while it went up to 73 and I immediately shut it off.. I tried this with ALL of my fans on high (using the Antec 900 two gamer case) and im really worried about my temperature being so high in idle state..

can anyone PLEASE help me fix this?
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  1. You are probably using too much thermal compound, try using less, also make sure that your heatsink is mounted firmly.
  2. I know I'm not using too much because I did it exactly like arcitc silver insructions did.. I tried using a 1 mm line like 1 cm away from the edges of the chip

    and the heatsink is mounted as firmly as possible, i made sure all 4 pins are locked into place
  3. Ok honestly I find it very hard to believe that I'm applying too much.. Look at this picture from me placing the vertical line in the middle.

    Is it possible this is a defective CPU/whatever? Because I also got the box in crappy condition. Both pictures can be seen here:

  4. bump? anyone?
  5. Do you have speedstep and eist enabled in the bios?
    From the picture your application of the thermal compound looks perfect.
    The fan on the heatsink is operating right? I know you said that you checked the pins on the heatsink to make sure that they are all the way thru the motherboard but they can't be! I would remove the motherboard and mount the cooler.That way you can be 100% sure it's mounted correctly. To get those kind of temps at idle the heatsink is either loose or defective.
  6. I'd take your motherboard out to reseat the heatsink - those push pins can sometimes need a proper shove to click in correctly, which can really only be done with the board outside of the case.

    Might be easier to diagnose these temperature problems with the board on the desk for now and then put it back into the case when you're happy.
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