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I am currently looking to buy Asus Crosshair IV Formula. Iv seen in many forums that the north bridge overheats as contact point on the heat sink never contacts NB. did asus fixed the problem in the new batch or do i have to fix it my self??? will Arctic Cooling MX-3 work for this or i have to get something else (better), and how much do i have to shave the contacts???
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  1. Hello,

    No, I don't think they fixed it. It's the same problem the Rampage III Extreme has : crappy thermal paste. It is very difficult to take off, it acts almost like glue. If you really want this board, then I'd recommend replacing the thermal paste on the whole mobo with IC Diamond. It dropped my temperatures by 5-7°C compared to Artic Silver 5.
    You can buy some here :

    Good luck,
  2. what do you mean the whole mobo??? north and south??? and do you not recommend this ??? how difficult is it i never done this before and this will be my first build
  3. Yep, on the whole motherboard (under all the heatsinks locations). It not complicated at all. Proceed exactly as you would for taking off old thermal and add new one from the CPU. It's just on a bigger surface. The whole heatsink is attached with screws, so you'll need a screwdriver to take it off. There will be thermal pads on the mosfets. You can choose to keep them, or apply thermal paste on them (you'll get better temp that way, but be sure to pure it only on the mosfet, so as not to cause a short-circuit). Then you'll have to take off the old thermal paste that is on the NB and SB (on the mobo AND the heatsink) with either isopropyl alcohol or acetone (you put some on a q-tip, then rub it). Then all you have to do is apply the thermal paste on the NB and SB.
    For the mosfets, I'd recommend doing the same procedure even if there was no thermal paste on them (it was a thermal pad). That way, you can be sure they are very clean.

    As for the quantity, it's the same as on a CPU...not a lot ! Just enough to cover the metal, that's all.

    You can look here to see how it should look like once everything is cleaned up, and the new thermal paste is ready to be applied:
    Search for "what’s residing under that heat sink" it will get you at the right place.

    If you have any other question, I'm here !
  4. Thanks for the help much appreciated. i live in the uk now i have to find the paste :). i saw on other forums that the screws needs to be shortened for better connection??? last question do you think this is a good motherboard??and is it wothit to buy this???

    thanks for all your help
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