How to fix a dell gx-270 desktop with amber light

can u give a solution to a dell desktop with orange blinking on the power button, pls send that to
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  1. Firstly, dont post your email addy on threads please, its for your safety.
    and can you post more complete details of your system for us, motherboard model, processor,power supply etc,
    and any details that you think may help (split coffee on it, dropped it etc)
    download Cpu-z or hardware monitor to get your components info if you dont know it.
  2. Here is the online manual for the GX270 followed by the steps Dell suggests to resolve this.

    If the power light is blinking amber — A device might be malfunctioning or incorrectly installed.

    Remove and then reinstall the memory modules.
    Remove and then reinstall any cards.
    Remove and then reinstall the video card, if applicable.
    Toggle the voltage selection switch on the back of the computer.
    If the problem persists, contact Dell.
  3. Blinking amber is a failed power supply... which also means the computer doesn't boot!
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