New SSD's coming out anytime soon?

Howdy all, my current PC is running on the Intel 510 Series 120gb SSD It was working well, but I'm currently running out of space. I have to run a pretty large database for work, so I'm looking to buy a new SSD with at least 250gb's (preferably 500gb). I know I'm going to have to reinstall my OS and move all the files in my DB onto my new SSD.

I'm looking at what's available now, and it looks like many of the SSD's on the market are a year old (at least that's what I see on Amazon). Will new SSD's be coming out anytime soon? I'm willing to hold out if there are new SSD's on the way. If not, anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks.
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    What is happening is prices dropping.
    With sata3 as a limit, it is hard to figure how performance could be much better.

    I was in a similar situation, with space running out on my 120gb Intel 510 SSD. I was looking for a replacement 520 series at 240gb.
    But, there was a short promo on the 180gb version which I bought.
    Intel has a free SSD migration tool which works with their drives. It is really a tailored Acronis clone tool. I used it to clone the 120gb drive to the 180gb drive without incident.

    For what it is worth, my pc feels snappier. Perhaps because of the 520 vs 510, but also because the old drive was perhaps 75% full.
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