Installing extra case fans

Hey guys, i'm planning on installing some extra case fans later on today.. Just wondering if I need any extra adapters or anything to hook them up or do they come with everything needed? cheers :D
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  1. Hi,

    It depends on what fan's you've got and whether you've got any spare molex or motherboard fan headers or a fan controller.

    If you list the fan make and model we can tell you what your options are.
  2. How many fan headers are available on your board?
  3. I'm not sure, maybe this could help figuring that out?
  4. As per your mobo's image here, you have;
    2x CPU fan headers
    3x Chassis fan headers
    1x Power Fan header

    all of which can be controlled via BIOS. For the chassis you can have 4 fans to hook upto the mobo.

    You may run your fans off the mobo's header or have them run off molex plugs. The advantage with the mobo header is that they can be manipulated in BIOS but with molex connections the fans are at full speed. Good for airflow but bad for the constant hammering on your ears so the former is a better option if you prefer a quieter setup.
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