2 dead Mushkin Chronos

I recently purchased a 120gb Chronos Ssd last week and it lasted for like 5 days and than I took it back yesterday got a new one and bought windows 7 since I was still running Vista. I was playing Tera Online and the game froze and now it isn't recognizable in bios, same thing as last time.

Is Mushkin just that bad of a brand or am I having bad luck?
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  1. Just bad luck. Update the firmware on the drive to the latest version.
    If it is already on the latest version then exchange it for another one.
  2. I bought a 120GB Chronos Deluxe about a year ago and it's been running great since. I bought a 240GB Chronos Deluxe a couple of months ago and it was failing when under heavy writes. Updating the firmware to the latest sandforce version (5.0.2) did not help. Newegg reviews show a lot of people having the same issue with the 240 within a small timeframe so my guess is that there was a bad batch

    Mushkin products are generally known for being borderline indestructible, this is unusual for them
  3. I'll be taking this one back tomorrow and we will see if they can give me an equivalence to the 120gb. I don't need to buy another windows 7 do I?
  4. Hockysin said:
    I don't need to buy another windows 7 do I?

    No, you don't.
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