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i've given one of my 5770's to my older sister. I couldn't have picked the worse possible timing. later that week 5850's pole-vaulted it's way beyond $310-320. 5870's also continued to rise. my wallet's beginning to pucker out of fear of another price hike- now that some preliminary performance figures for gtx 470/480 are up. I'm thinking of waiting until thuban is released to begin another build in hopes of some cooled off pricing... but until then I'm still in need of a gpu and don't want to be stuck with a 5830, unless the price cools off to a fair sub-$200. I digress, my dog is laying on the keyboard and licking the keys lol. So back to reality, if there are any insiders here in these forums, please help me out in making a good decision!
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  1. Remember, if you add an HD5770 to your HD5770, you have performance better than an HD5870.
  2. yes... i know. i had it cf before but realized quickly that i'm a performance-aholic.
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    Nvidia's new GPU line might put some downward pricing pressure even if its not faster than the ATI line. I'd wait and see since it launches this week (I think).
  4. man oh man i sure hope so. it's still unsettling to me that prices blistered up faster on an hd 5850 than any known disease on the planet.
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