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PSU advice DELL E310

A family member has a DELL E310 (XP) that they are nursing along. If anything it is more computer than they require. ;) They want to add a dvd burner to it to copy and play the movies that they make with their new camcorder.

I have previously put 2gig crucial memory in it, and have cleaned it up, and de-fragged it. I have purchased a pny geoforce 8400 pci card to help offload the processor.

They do not want to replace or rebuild the computer. I have also purchased a
dvd burner(HP1270i). I have several, and have had real good luck with these burners.

Their Dell E310 computer does not have any sata power connections near the cd bays. They are the ide type cd roms. They have one extra sata type of power cable, and is at the hard drive with only two inches of play. No where near long enough to make it to the cd bay.

The power supply is a Dell 230 watt output. It has 14 amps on the 12volt and 19 amps on the 5 volt side. The minimum requirements for the card is 300 watt power supply with 19 amps on the 12 volt rail. That is what the box says.

I need more 12 volt amps, and another sata connector power for the burner. This is a DELL 230 watt power supply. From what I have read it is a standard connection... Can anyone verify this? From what I understand, any power supply with the common connector, and enough power will work...

Would you please
1. confirm that this is the common connector used in all common power supplies, I believe only the older ones had the proprietary connector that would let you fry your motherboard.
2. give a recommendation for a reasonably priced, good psu that has enough 12volt and 5 volt amps for what I want to do.
3. Give a newegg link.
4. Any advice in helping this computer along a little.
5. Don't won't to do anything to cause one of those dis-assembly not allowed errors, can I do this with out tripping that. This is very vague. I have not been able to pin down exactly what triggers these, but have read of people upgrading their dells and getting these.

I appreciate your help, this is one of those gratis type of upgrades... Can't exactly charge the in-laws.

Thanks, D.
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    The CORSAIR CX400 is an excellent PSU and a fantastic choice for you. $49.99
    ($29.99 after $20.00 Mail-In Rebate Card)

    Don't worry. You won't have any problem with the connectors. All you need is to conncet the 24 pin ATX main power cable and the 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable to the mobo, and the molex conectors to the drives.
    Installing a new PSU is extremely easy. Anyway, I have found this video:

    Increase the amount of memory if you want to improve the performance on your computer. It seems that yours only have 512MB DDR2 SDRAM 400MHz. It's a very old machine.
  2. +1 to the Corsair CX400

    A little cheaper right off though would be an Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green 380W Continuous power this unit is Bronze certified and is $39.99 and if you purchase before the 22nd you can get another 10% off that.
  3. I thank you for your answers. I really liked the specs on the corsair, but so many recent negative reviews, and I hate waiting for the Mail in Rebates. I have a couple I'm waiting for now, usually I forget about them by the time they show up. ;)

    I went with the Antec. The bad reviews listed for it seemed to be people whining about not getting a power cord. It lists that it is not included under the specs... I have a drawer full of extra cords, power and otherwise. Lately everything comes with sata cords and they area starting to build up...

    I'm not a greenie, but do see the logic in not including a cord with every product you sell... It's like now you don't see a monitor, keyboard, and mouse advertised with every computer you see for sale. Great move, most people reuse these anyway.

    So I went with the lower initial price of the antec, but even for just a few dollars more, did not take their combo deal on a deathstar (deskstar) already did that mistake! RMA is no fun...

    Thanks for the reassurance on the plugs working with her dell. Did not want to wind up costing them, or me money on an MB.

    Have a great day, D.
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