Which is better intel gma 950g or a intel g31 graphics chipset...

As the question which is better intel gma 950g or intel g31 graphics chipset....Only between these two...Plz curious to know the answer.....
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  1. They are comparable in performance. Both capable to do internet browsing and office work.
  2. Intel GMA 950 - Part of the 82945G Express chipset:
    Passmark Score: 120
    Passmark Rank: 533rd in the world
    Intel GMA 3100 - Part of the G31 Express Chipset:
    Passmark Score: 169
    Passmark Rank: 417th in the world

    Based on this, I would say that the GMA 3100 is 41% more powerful than the GMA 950 (82945G)
  3. GMA X3100 far outclasses the GMA 950 in performance, but either way, I doubt you'd be able to load Crysis on it. :D
  4. gma 3100 is good
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