Gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard memory issues

I recently built a new Win 7 64 bit system using a Gigabyte x58a-ud3r rev 2 motherboard, Intel i7 quad cpu and six 2 gig sticks (12gig total) of OCZ DDR3 RAM. Not long after the install of windows, I started having problems. More specifically BSOD's. The majority of the time it had memory management at the top of the BSOD screen. So I downloaded memtest and ran it with just 6 gigs (3 sticks) of ram and it found no issues. I took out the 3 sticks and put in the 3 sticks that I had removed, ran the test and found no issues. When I ran the memtest with all 12gigs of ram installed there were errors almost immediately! Is there something I am missing maybe a bios setting or is the motherboard at fault. Thanks!
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  1. i am getting the same problems when i start up from cold i get bsod after about 3 starts and it get's warm and it's ok with no problems i have 6gig of mem ocz ddr3 1600 same motherboard HELP
  2. My apologies for such a late reply. After much investigating I have pretty much cam to the conclusion that its a compatibility issue but not really. You see it turns out that the CPU can only handle RAM up to a 1066 speed anything over that is wasted unless you overclock plus the voltage for the RAM requirements was higher that what the mobo was supplying. I'm pretty sure this is what caused the BSOD's. Long story short, I ordered 1066 RAM and have not had an issue since. Hope this clears it up.
  3. I have the same motherboard, 12GB of OCZ Gold memory, and BSOD's. I've been trying for months to find the problem with this setup. It appeared that the ATI Radeon video card was bad, because the crashes would stop when I took it out... but it only crashed less frequently. I've tried 1066, 1333, 1600 speeds on this memory and at some point or another it will crash. Usually this happens after a reboot, as I've had the machine running for weeks between reboots, but once I let the computer get cool, BSOD city! If tonight's memory tweeks don't help, it's OCZ support followed by Gigabyte support time, as I've eliminated absolutely everything else. Argh!
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