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I built my little nephew a PC a couple years back and its starting to show its age it barely ran the last Call of Duty game and is now not able to handle the new battlefield game on lowest settings. I want to help him out but dont want to obviously build him a new computer either. Im looking to invest 100 buck maybe a little more into his current system. What do you think will be the most effective ways to upgrade it (gaming is 99% of the usage). Here are its current specs:
Pentium D 2.8
1 gig of RAM (uprgradeable to 2)
PCI-E 16x Geforce7600GT 256mb
160gb seagate barracuda (space hasnt been an issue)
For the life of me I cant remember the mobo (either way I doubt a mobo cpu change will fit in the budget.)
ThermalTake 420 Watt PSU (for my radeon 4870, i had to put a 100bucks alone in a psu upgrade so please make sure the suggestions dont require a new psu.)
Its running windows xp at this time.
Thanks for the help!
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  1. HD4670 or HD5570 would be a nice upgrade but I would start with another GB of ram. Pentium D's are really showing their age.
  2. You do need to be carefull with upgrading an older machine like that you need to know that the board will suport the card. If you dont know teh make of the board download something like "Belarc" or "Si Soft Sandra lite" both are free downloads and to be honest Sandra is better. either will tell you what you have in the box.

  3. I can see the board when I visit him next time CPU-Z seems to work pretty good for me. I know its a PCI-Express 16 but my worry is the PSU and if go to far we might as well change everything, which would be fun but Im not that nice of an uncle.
  4. Im seeing some 5670's 512mb for a little under 100 and maybe a gig of ram?
  5. Knowing that power would be an issue,2552-12.html. The Pentium D might not be capable of using the full potential of the HD4670 so a more powerful card might be a waste.
  6. Power wont be an issue for a card like a 4670 or a 5570 as suggested, because neither card uses additional power taking all the required power from the PCIE slot.
    As i was saying about the board and support for the card the 4670 would probably have more chance of being supported but it wouldn't be a big surprise if it too needed a Bios update to support the card.

  7. Thanks a bios update wouldnt hurt. Let me see what I can find in terms of a 4670 then.
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