North Bridge Aftermarket Cooler?????

I few people told me that i might need to get a new cooler for my north bridge on my NF750-G55

I am running 8gb ddr3-1600 OC 2xgtx465 in sli athlon 640

How do i replace the cooler this is one thing that i have never done.

here are a few that i found these look right?

I have no idea
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  1. It's fairly straight forward I believe, not too different from a normal HSF. With your board its just some springy push pins holding it on. Loosen those off. Some north-bridges rely on sticky thermal tape / paste to hold them on. I believe with the pins you could just use a mild application of AS 5 or other good quality TIM (using too much could have this stuff squeezed onto the motherboard... you don't want that) under the aftermarket cooler, then fasten the cooler into the north-bridge with the pins if it has them, otherwise you need the sticky thermal tape / paste.
    Take this with a grain of salt, as I haven't done it personally.
  2. Try checking out the thermalright hr-05 ifx (or sli/fix) and add your own 80mm fan on it..
  3. Where does that even go on the mobo below the cpu one??? and how does it hold on i cant find any videos on it or anything.
  4. personally iv had my eye on the alaska stuff

    or for a less fancy looking job

    both are easy to find online, just google chipset cooling.
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