Micro atx for office/web pc?

micro atx motherboards are getting more and more popular because people want to build media PCs and such. My question is do you guys think micro atx has also kind of become the standard for office builds also, or even just "normal" builds - aka anything not for gaming.... what do you think?
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  1. Well, it makes sense. It really gets you everything you need at a form-factor that's convenient for smaller cases, but still has some room for expansion cards and such.
  2. agreed, I may have to build a office/web pc for someone and I'm really considering going micro atx. I can't really think of any downsides for the normal user, guess that's why I posted..(are there?)
  3. For the normal user, there's no real downside.

    Heck, I used my mini-tower with a Micro ATX motherboard as a sort of gaming PC for the longest while. Just ran a single good quality video card and other components and did some case modding to add better airflow for the case.

    It got ugly when I stuffed my CM Hyper 212+ in the poor thing. Had to slice a few holes in the side XD.
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