Is this PSU good enough?


My computer build:
processor: i7 920

*edit and also 2 Seagate 1 TB HDD in raid 0

I will also have a DVD RW drive.

Is the power supply good enough for my build? I might overclock my processor a bit.
Lastly, a sidenote question. Does the 470 gtx require a separate heatsink, and should i get another fan?
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  1. Yes, you won't have any problem at all. It's a high quality PSU from CWT. The power supply requeriment for your system is: 550 Watt power supply (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 38 Amps.) and two available 6-pin PCI-E power connectors. You are able to do SLI with two 470 if you want.
    The 470 gtx doesn't require a separate heatsink. EVGA is an impressive brand. All its products have a very high quality.
  2. The GTX 4xx will run hot... so any extra air flow in the case is a bonus. Don't let that worry you though, they are designed to run hotter than prior generations. I only bring up the extra heat they generate in suggestion to your "extra fan" question. The GTX will generally provide your system with more heat that's all....

    The Psu is a Good choice for sure. If you ever want to use SLi however you will be looking at a decent quality 850- 1000 watt PSU for longevity sake. (which Corsair is great quality, as Henry said. CWT make great PSU's)
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