Should I overclock 3570k on stock intel cpu cooler

Hello, so I'm thinking about overclocking my 3570k on the stock intel cooler. I know i won't be able to do anything to major without a better cpu cooler. I'm currently gaming on intel 4000 graphics. Would overclock from 3.4 ghz to say 3.6 to 3.8 give me more fps in games (battlefield 3 and Minecraft). Also would it be safe. My cpu currently stays at 30 to 35 degress on idle. While gaming I have never seen it go over 42.
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  1. IF you are gaming on the intel 4000 then the higher clock speed on your CPU probably won't show a difference anyway. The on board stuff is pretty much garbage compared to every gaming card available in the past 6 years. If you want to try it, then do some benchmarks with the games you play, bump it up by 200Mhz or so and then do the benchmarks again.

    By far the better option if you want better video is to get an actual video card that is designed to play games. Instead of spending 40 bucks on a CPU cooler, see if you can find a used 5770 for 40-50 bucks if money is a huge issue.
  2. For gaming, like Traciatim said the integrated graphics is what will be limiting your performance, not the outright CPU grunt.

    Idle temps aren't indicative of cooling performance, they rely almost entirely on ambient (room) temperature.

    If you want to overclock on the stock cooler, I would say 3.8Ghz at most.
  3. I wouldn't overclock on the intel stock cooler.
  4. 1) You shouldn't overclock on a stock cooler, stock coolers are usually designed to handle stock to boost speeds..
    2) You won't really notice any difference gaming-wise.. The HD4000 is your limiting factor and not the CPU speed
    3) If your gaming without a Video Card installed, the load on the integrated GPU would increase the CPU temps.
  5. I overclocked my 3570k to 4ghz on the stock cooler. The temps were high but not high enough to shut down. If you want to oc just spend 30 dollars on a cm hyper 212 cooler and go to town!
  6. You can totally overclock on a stock cooler. If there is no change in voltage then there isn't a major change in temps, obviously. And you can probably get to 4.0Ghz without changing the voltage any. IDK why people post when they don't know what they are talking about. Who says you can't overclock with a stock cooler anyways? I don't, but that doesn't mean you can't.

    And yes, HD4000 graphics will benifit from an overclocked CPU. HD4000's iGPU relys on processor performance as does every graphics solution. Just more so with HD4000 graphics. So overclocking your CPU will help 5-10%. However if you really want to game comfortably, I recommend picking up a 7770 for 100 bucks. That's the least you could do for your gaming needs. Although you seem like your looking for some instant performance boost. So I say go for it. Go for 4.0Ghz, it won't hurt a thing. If you need help on how to overclock, just ask.
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