How to set up ATI 5850 and use NVIDIA 9800 as phsyX?

Hey guys,

Now that I have a new 5850. I have my old 9800 GTX laying around. Is there a way to use this as a dedicated PhsyX card. And will it be anygood to use in a PCIe 4x slot. Since my P5K-E only had a x16 and a x4 slot. Thanks
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  1. Proprietary standards are BS in my opinion. If Nvidia opened, it i might have actually considered BUYING a ppu. Anyways, i did the exact same thing...use this

    Install ati drivers, restart, install nvidia drivers (i think you need 195.xx), then before you restart run this program.

    Only works on win 7 or xp (no vista) that supports dual gpu drivers.

    I had this setup running for a few months...but then i realized NOTHING REALLY USES PHYSX!

    even then, phyx is pretty weak minus Batman...even then do you really need cloth effects?

    So i took out the ppu, and now my 5850 runs 20C cooler :)
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    Also...check out this...cpu physics

    why kill your frame rate when you can still get impressive physics?
  3. Thanks for the info XD.
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