How much this pc worth?

I'm planing to sell this pc in August before getting too old with an intention in building a Core I 7 system:

4gb of ram ddr2 800 mhz
antec ea 650w
h50 cpu cooler
500gb sata2 7200 rpm western digital
dvd drive sata2 supermulti
ati 5850 (only 2 month old)
brand new k/m
antec 300 illusion

22" Samsung moni 1680x1050

i will add about $700-800

So how much can this be sold? I know the mobo sucks but it does the job.
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  1. Depends on your local market and how long you want to wait for an offer. I would check "craigslist" in your city for similar systems. You'll get more on ebay if you're willing to ship. I would keep the samsung monitor and plan on shipping the system if you get a decent offer. You'll be lucky to get $750 for the box only and you don't list an operating system, which reduces it's value.
  2. Your best bet would be to sell it by the part. The system as a whole will not be worth much but in peices will increase the amount of money you will get.

    As a whole around $600

    By the part around $800

    The second you open the box and install that peripheral the value depreciates by about 30% and sometimes even more.
  3. It would help if you told us how much you paid for it.
    I assume you overclocked this rig quite a bit. In that case, if the components like CPU/motherboard are fairly old (1-1.5 years), they would have deteriorated much faster than if you had used them at stock. That would fetch a lower price.
    My estimate would be around $600-650.

    btw, why sell anything beyond the cpu/mobo/RAM/display? Everything else could be reused (like the HDD as a secondary drive). This way, you could dedicate your $700-800 solely for the cpu+mobo+RAM+a second 5850 (+maybe a better display)
  4. how much do you think i will get for cpu+mobo+ram+moni
  5. For the cpu-mobo-ram-monitor, maybe $400-450.
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