How to recover my files from a corrupted harddisk which is not getting detectd i

i hav a western digital harddisk of 1tb... RECENtly its not gettin detected in ma laptop rather in any oda laptop..when inserted its asking me to format it...which i dont want seeking an solution for retrievin the data without formatting the harddrive
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  1. your best bet is buying a usb to sata or ide notebook cable and then using a good paid hard drive data recovery program. if the drive is still somewhat ok you may be able to pull some data off the drive.
  2. If its File System is shown as "RAW", you have a little corrupted info in the disk control files. It may ask if you want to Format the disk and you are right to NOT do that.

    Hi my problem is my western digital ext, it was formatted now it says i need to reformat it. in disk management my device is (G:) with RAW next to it under it says Healthy (Primary partition), i really would like not to reformat as i would lose my data is there a way to correct the "little corrupted info in disk control files" any help would be appreciated thanks.
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