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I know this probably isn't the right board but no big deal. Anyways I ran Speccy to see my computer info and I noticed that it shows the temperature of each component. What temperatures are good for each component?
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  1. You would need to list temps and components for us to give you a correct answer on your temps.
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    Give us a list of your components and what temps they're currently running at/
  3. , these are the usual temps. hope this helps
  4. Temps are just fine... well within good operating temps, so nothing to worry about!!
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    For your rig {Stock / no OC}:
    CPU Core 2 Quad 35C ~ 45C [70C]
    GPU HD 55XX 35C ~ 60C [85C]
    HDD 7200 RPM 30C ~ 50C [55C]
    MOBO NB 35C ~ 55C [70C]

    First set is typical Idle ~ Second set typical Stress; and the brackets [X] are OC high & safe temps. Your temps are all low, and I would suspect your PC either was just turned-on or is in a very cool room.
  6. thanks guys for the info, I wanted to make sure i wasn't overheating my pc.
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  8. I'd love my rig to b that cool!

    Q - Was my assumption correct regarding {Cool Room or Recently Turned-on}? Or do you have a lot of fans??
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