Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) vs LanCool Dragonlord PC-K60


I am torn between these 2 cases, I understand they are both great
The K60 is ~20$ more expensive in the store I buy, any reason to prefer it over the 690 ?

If relevant, You can see my build here: (+Intel X25-V 40GB SDD)

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  1. I have the 690 and am very happy with it.
  2. I also have a 690 and think it's great for a gaming case but definitely still has shortcomings...

    Plenty of places for fans
    Loadsa room for mutli gpu setup
    Fairly decent cable management
    Probably more stuff that i can't think of...

    The tool-less mechanisms (PCI, 3.5 and 5.25") leave a lot to be desired

    The two side fans on the 690 tend to make the whole side of the
    case vibrate

    Oh yea, and to add/remove 5.25" devices you need to remove the whole front panel... which isn't easy and if you're not careful you might break one of the thin plastic pegs that secure it to the front frame of the case

    As for the K60... reviews seem few and far between but theres one here:

    and a video review here:

    Also.. Consider that if the K60 is $20 more, that's really more like $10, as the CM690 comes with one less fan than the K60
  3. Thanks for your comments guys

    So am I to understand that the CM 690 is great, but the K60 is even better ?

    The only thing bothering me about the K60 (besides the lack of reviews) is the lack of front (or rather top) eSata and FireWire connections. But to be honest, as of now I don't have any devices requiring either. And even If I have someday, connecting them to the rear panel would probably not kill me...
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