BIOS Setting for X58A-UD7 rev 2 using a Crucial M4 SSD


I just got a Crucial M4 and will use it as a boot drive. So my question is with the Gigabyte X58A-UD7 rev 2 board, for the SATA 6GBps ports to work with the SSD do I have to change any BIOS settings like IDE to AHCI for the ports or are there any other drivers to be installed first?

Also there is an OS already on the drive. This was installed using IDE mode on a Sata 3GBps port. The installed software can be used in AHCI mode also right? (Sorry if its a newbie question on this. I have not used hotswap nor SSDs before)
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  1. All the X58 MB use the Marvel SATAIII (6GB/s) which is slow than intel or amd SATA II, and you need to use the SATA II (check your manal).

    When you install the OS you need to change IDE to AHCI in the BIOS, and only connect the SSD. After install the OS you can put back on the HD. Also follow the Useful SSD Articles - Part 2 (Tweaks / Optimization) to tweak your SSD
  2. So I dont have to install any driver or load drivers as of now for the SATA 6GBps ports on my motherboard to work at the "6GBps" speed?
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    Don't use the SATA III (6gb/s from marvel), only connect the SSD into SATAII , sorry, otherwise you will get low writting and reading speed. Google it you will see.

    To install win7 into SSD, you need to do:
    1) download the AHCI from intel(64bit or 32bit), and put into USB drive
    2) only connect the SSD into SATA II port, check your manal
    3) go to BIOS, set AHCI and 1st boot is DVD/CD, 2nd boot HD(SSD)
    4) load the win7 until you click the install now (win7), next window you will see "where do you want to install windows?" , in the low left side you see "load drivers", click it and put the USB drive with the intel AHCI into your PC.
    5)After done the install, connect the HD back in any SATA ports.
    6) do the tweaks / optimization from here

    I put the link from youtube for install win7>

    Good luck and have fun
  4. Thanks for the replies cin19.

    I did still need to tweak my mobo but no drivers were additionally needed.

    Speed is still stuck at the 3GBps mark due to the SATAII ports ill just wait and see once I decide to upgrade. (Maybe next year or so)

    Sorry about the noobish questions. I was actually able to read the links before you posted them I just wanted to make sure that for my specific board it didnt need any other driver to improve performance.
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