Zalman High Peformance or H100i?

I have been looking around at cooling ad wondering about which cpu cooler to get.
I am not sure which to get, with the H100i it is great bc it is liquid cooling, but the zalman I can get 3 fans on the same heatsink for a lot cheaper. Which will give me a better price to perf value? I have a cooler master 430 black case.
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  1. H100i
  2. This might help you decide.

    Basically if your on LGA1155, go for the Zalman, theres little difference between it and the H100i. If your on AM3+ or LGA2011 with its more powerful (in the literal sense) CPU's, then the H100i is the better bet as it can deal with the extra heat output.
  3. Thanks a lot, I think im going to go with the zalman because it is much cheaper. The reason I liked the h100i is it would control fans through software, but I found some cheap 5.25'' fan controllers do that for me, still coming in under the cost of the H100i
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