First i7 3770K Overclock thoughts and one question!

Hello fellow nerds.

This was my first attempt at an over clock ever and I must say I am pretty pleased with the results I received. Here is my hardware along with the results. (post pics when i get home)

i7 3770k OC'ed to 4.5Ghz
xigmatek Dark Knight II Nighthawk Edition

This got through 3 hours of OCCT Large Data set as well as 1 hour of Linpack with the core upped to 1.275
I abondoned Prime95 after I found OCCT to be much more intuitive but I will test with it once I get the chance.

Max temps under load reached 74 Degrees according to CoreTemp and OCCT itself, so overall I am happy.

I am however curious to see other peoples results. I know OCing is a case by case basis with a given set of hardware, but I wanted to achieve 4.5 with a lower Vcore voltage. I've read that some have been able to achieve 4.5 at stock voltages. When voltages are set to default does it automatically accommodate for an upped frequency multiplier or does it remain at a fixed value? If so what is that fixed value for the 3770K?

Also one quick side question. Prime95 and OCCT both were crashing at a slightly lower voltage but I never got any BSODs during that test run. I assumed that this mean the OC was unstable but I just wanted to validate because I was normally just getting blue screens when putting it under load with failed OCs.

Thanks in advance for any input!
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  1. Well most i7 3770k owners are around where you are clock wise, 4.4-4.6ghz is the norm. Ivy Bridge is a mixed bag as far as overclocking goes, temps skyrockets after 1.28-1.3v. If your stability programs crash then your OC is not stable and you need to adjust vcore accordingly. Some may achieve 4.5Ghz @ stock voltages but very few, from what I see and experienced is 4.4Ghz is very attainable in that regard.

    I had an i7 3770k not too long ago and it was terrible just a bad chip, so I returned it lost $15 restocking fee lol, and just went back to my easy 5.0Ghz i5 2500k. Once you have been @ 5.0ghz you do not want to go back lol Hopefully Intel Haswell will be more overclocking friendly
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