Nvidia 9500GT vs ATI Radeon 4650

Hi I was just recommended Three sub 60$ Graphics Cards. And I want to Know which one is better and why?

Nvidia 9500GT 1GB/512MB vs ATI Radeon 4650

Nvidia 9500GT 1GB

Nvidia 9500GT 512MB

Radeon 4650 512MB
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  1. none of the links work for me, any of the cards use GDDR3 ram or are they all GDRR2?
  2. Quote:

    The links work now

    And the first two cards are GDDR2 and the Radeon is just DDR2
  3. Quote:
    These two would be fastest of the 9500GT cards since they have GDDR3 [...] rchInDesc=

    Ok the links i was given were to GDDR2 Cards
    But This Link is to GDD3 Cards

    How would they compare if they were only GDDR2 cards
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  5. Quote:
    If you can up your budget a little one of these would be the best upgrade [...] 0HD%204670

    I will Look at that card

    and i just found this:,2569-2.html

    So....... yeah
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  7. Yeah, spending a bit more for an HD4670 is a good idea.
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