Y500 overclock gt650m? Core Clock locked at 790mhz? Please help! :P

Hello I got a new Lenovo y500 with and Intel i7 and a Nvidia GT650M.
When using any software MSI afterburner, Nvidia Inspector and even EVGA Precision the core clock will not go higher then 790Mhz. Is there a way to work around this?
Also should I even worry about over clocking my i7, I have intel turbo boost already and my loading times are already fast and my frame rates in all the games I play are 60 with vsync from CS:GO->Skyrim on Ultra. Although With photo realism type setups on skyrim i get a drop in my fps and I hope that with some minor overclocking it will run better.
I have o'clocked my MEM to 2906Mhz anything above 2930 starts to tear. Say I did o'clock my core clock to about 850-900Mhz would that cause a good amount of performance?
Also note: My max temp for my gpu was 70 Celsius while using Kombuster. Normal games like BF3 and skyrim are around 60-65 Celsius. So heat isn't an issue atm.
Thanks for your time.
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  1. Make sure you are in "Lenovo Dynamic Graphics Mode" Anything else and the card won't overclcok. (at least on my y580). I recommend you decrease the memory clock. Minimal gains and its not really worth it.
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