Need help in motherboar repair

Dear friends
i have a motherboard P4VM800M7 with via 8237.
its shows 04 when i attach debug card in it. without ram, cpu even to bios. its shows 04. can some one suggest which part is damaged.
there are no voltage in few transistors near by cpu


looking forward for reply

Manish Sharma
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  1. It is more cost and time effective to purchase a replacement, motherboards are difficult to diagnose and repair.

    Motherboards do need RAM and CPU in order for it to function properly. WHat do you mean by debug card?
  2. debug card can be fix on PCI slot, its a pc diagnostic tool.
    its show us the HEX values and we can diagnose the board by that tool
  3. Yes and they require CPU and memory to work properly.
  4. but sir even with cpu and memory its in the same position. the error is same. i am telling you that even with or without the cpu and ram. the board is always in same condition
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