Esata ?

Hello, looking 4 an esata (1,2,3?) and or usb3 ssd 2.5 ssd or hdd drive just want to plug in the esata port on a P6T7 motherboard
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  1. What capacity are you looking for?
  2. thanks guys
    went with Vertex 4 ssd with Rosewill 255 pcie sata esata card.
    WD My PassportUSB3 with Mediasonic USB3 pcie card.

    i'd like to get a 1TB esata3 external
    a good graphics card that can outperform a SLI Gforce 260s
    and some good tripple channel memory 24G

    thanks for your help guys
  3. A Radeon 7870 would be an upgrade over two GTX 260s and above the 7870, the next best purchase would probably be the GTX 670 if you don't want to do extreme overclocking.

    Triple channel memory? Do you have an X58 motherboard? Otherwise, triple channel memory would be a poor purchase. Just in case you do have an X58 motherboard, here are two kits that I'd recommend choosing from:

    If the motherboard supports 8GB modules (it would need to support up to 48GB or more):

    If your motherboard supports only up to 24GB:

    If you have an X58 motherboard, then you'd have to have a decent CPU, but if you don't, then both of these RAM kits aren't for you and you might not have a computer that can even handle such high end graphics cards. How old is your computer and what components does it have?
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