Dell inspiron 530 owner wants to run 4 monitors HOW?

I now have Dell Inspiron 530 (which has 2 PCI slots and 1 PCIe slot) in the PCIe slot I have a PNY nvidia 9500GT w/1024mb running 2 dell P2210's (these pivot and cost only $169 on Dell Outlet)... I want to add 1 or 2 more monitors for a total of 3 or 4, and am not sure cheapest way.

Please tell me my options?

Microsoft says PCIe + PCI is irrelevant and that the key is that both must run same driver.. so does that mean I must buy an nVidia card or a PNY nVidia card? or would something else work.

Dell tried to sell me a $430 card that drove 4 monitors... seemed too spendy

all the PCI cards on eBay seem to only run 1 monitor AND I am not sure they use same driver at PCIe dual card running now???
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  1. You will need to get a PCI video card to run the extra monitors.
  2. Or a very expensive graphics card.
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