Will Cpu Bottleneck GTX 260 OC

I have a BFG GTX 260 OC maxcore 55, and was wondering if my current setup would hold back the power of that card?


3gb 6400 ram- (going to have 4gb soon).
320gb WD hard drive
--------AMD 2.10 GHZ x3 (triple core)-------
BFG GTX 260 OC maxcore 55
Acer aspire standard motherboard.
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  1. If you can, OC your CPU to about 2.6ghz.

    Otherwise, I think you'll be alright.
  2. Ok since I'm new at overclocking a cpu, how would i do that, and how am i sure if my particular cpu and can Oc'ed?
  3. shadow187 said:
    If you can, OC your CPU to about 2.6ghz.

    Otherwise, I think you'll be alright.

    How do i overclock my cpu, and is it able to be Oc'ed?
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    All cpu's can be overclocked, unless you bought a computer from a manufacture like Dell, HP, ect....

    and I see that you do in your description. You have an Acer Aspire motherboard. So it has a locked BIOS = no overclocking.
  5. Depends what resolution are you playing at?
  6. SO would my best bet be to go and purchase something like a AMD 3.2 ghz quad core cpu for like $180?
  7. invisik said:
    Depends what resolution are you playing at?

    I play at 1680x1050.
  8. If I were you I would build a computer. Get rid of that crappy motherboard...

    (if you do this do lots of reading because you WILL have to reformat your hdd if you change mobos)
  9. I personally wouldn't waste money and get a new setup. Just turn up the aa/af in the game and that should utilize the gpu a good amount, (higher resolution/setting gpu bound; lower resolution cpu bound) but to answer your questions yes it will be a bottleneck but the small hold up wont justify money on a new setup.
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  11. Hello Invisik,

    Forgive the pm intrusion here, but I couldn't find a relevant current thread with your name in it. Your username was mentioned in another thread regarding dual-rail power supplies and which video cards may or may not work without issues with given amperage ratings. The person naming you seemed to think you had the best information. I have a Thermaltake TR2 500 watt PSU with 12 V DC 1 @ 25 A and 12 V DC 2 @ 18 A. I have done a lot of queries on this on various support forums, but to some extent the advice has been contradictory. There are those, inluding Thermaltake, who say the PSU will not run even an AMD 5750. I have an HTPC and noise is an issue. There are others including AMD and Sapphire who say that this PSU will run the 5750 or even the 5770, although others say the PSU is junk. Would you be kind enough to comment. I will attempt to post this on Tom's Hardware as well.

    Thanks in advance for any comments you may make.
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