Bf2 and other games problem ( Have Pic of what its doing)

My friend just got bf2 and new video card, but when in the background go's all funny but only when shooting. and when you stop it stops

we have changed the video card out and still did it ( gts 250 ) and updated drivers too

we changed the ram still did it

updated bios still did it

new power supply

not sure what to do now
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  1. What was the older card ? because you mentioned you changed the video card.
    Have you done a clean uninstall of the older card's drivers before installing the GTS 250?
  2. give us more of your system specs please.
  3. its a Dell xps420
    3 gb of ram
    and yes unintall old drivers and renstall new ones
    I put my 8800 gts 512oc card in his computer and it this did that
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