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Need recommendations to suit setup.

Hey guys, done a bit of research and looking to get into watercooling. I currently have some closed loop components (H100 for CPU + AC Hybrid 7970) but it's just not cutting it. I'm currently running 3 x 7950's and the heat is just killing 2 cards because of the sandwich setup and limited airflow between them. I'm getting temps up to 100 degree's loaded and need a cooling solution away from fans.

I'm looking for a LCS for my GPU's atm (all 3) where I can just have better heat management at max load. I'd also like the option to include the CPU later on but atm I think I'm running ok O'Cing my 950 to 4.3gHz and maintaining 50-55 degrees full loading. I understand the basic components and mechanics of watercooling, but I'm not sure 100% on what power I need for 3 GPU's. Budget is not a problem for me and would like a decent product, not some cheap entry level stuff.

So I'm asking for product recommendations to dissipate this kind of heat.

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  1. if you are serious take a look at frozen CPU for your blocks, tubing, reservoir, fittings, and pumps a duel setup, to get an idea of the cost involved. As far as a radiator for that, I would look at the 1080 radiators or 9 X 120mm’s for that large of a setup there are some nice external rigs for mounting all of the hardware for this reason at frozen CPU as well, if you have some more questions pleases ask.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply toolmaker_03. I'll take a look and assemble a kit to get a rough about the pricing. So you think dual pump? I might need to go an external case if I require one of those 1080's lol. Have you got an example of an external case that would accommodate that massive rad? Is there no way of a multiple smaller rads to be able to integrate into my existing case?
  3. Well you can try, I was only trying to simplify the loop but multiple rads would work as well, with that said I would want to put one pump before the rads, and the other pump after the rads, to get the most out of them
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    First step is to determine the total combined TDP that you need to cool in your loop. Second step is to begin considering what components you will need in order to cool them.

    7950 TDP @stock ~200w? (x3) = 600w
    CPU TDP @stock ~100-130w

    Easily manageable with 2x 360 rads. Might consider 2 loops or just 2 pumps. Single D5 or MCP53x might be OK depending on GPU blocks used.
  5. I've done a small bit of research since I've read this post and looked at possible 2 x 240 rads. I have the Corsair Carbide 500R (only a mid-size case) and I can't seem to fit the 360's. Might go a single D5 and utilise the dual pumps before and after the rads. How big physically are the pumps?
  6. Have you read the water-cooling sticky? Its at the top of the forum and in Rubix's sig. It will explain a lot of the knowledge and concepts behind water-cooling.

    I suspect you will need more than 2x240 of radiator space for what your after (unless you like fans spinning at 2000RPM), especially if your leaving the option of cooling the CPU open later on. You might have to get thrifty where you mount the rads.
    The top of the case looks large enough for a 360 rad to externally mount, and you have the grommets at the back for routing tubing.
  7. Yeah I've tried getting the grasp through various stickies, it's just hard without the hands-on experience I guess. Yeah it might have to be a custom job with tube and component fitting just to get it to look sexy, but I guess if the 240 rads aren't gonna cut it, I may as well opt for a 800D or similar to just make it easier the first time.
  8. Type in "500R Watercooling" into Google images, it will most likely bring up every water config possible with the case and will no doubt link to a couple build logs. That could be a good way to figure how to work with the case.
  9. Yeah, I seen a few build logs of people with my case, but not many with multi-GPU setups. The max I could possibly work with is 2 x 240 rads and a single 120 rad with pump and res in drive bays. I could setup as pump to 1st 240 rad mounted at top of case, then to cpu, cpu to single 120 rad, then to gpu blocks, then to 240 rad back to res?
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