Dual geforce 9800 gtx+ sliv?

Hi, and thanks in advance to anyone willing to take time to help me. I read the faq's about sli but I couldn't find an answer. I just bought two 9800 gtx's and I want to run them 2 x 16 sli. There were no sli bridges in either box, and all i have is an asus 3 way sli and 1 flex bridge. Can anyone tell me the proper bridge to use? The 3 way looks like it might work with the two separate fingers and I noticed 2 contacts on the outer 2 connectors between the fingers, which may be for the small uni-finger ( the only way i know to describe i the thing between the two teeth.) I am totally lost and have looked all over the web for an answer. Thanks again.
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    What mobo is it?
  2. It's an asus m3n-ht deluxe had to rma my m4n82. Thanks for any help you can give me tech support well, you know :pt1cable:
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  4. As you only have two cards I would suggest that you try the flexi two way bridge first and you only need to use the SLi connector that is at the end of the card i.e nearest to the case, the 9800GTX's can be Tri-Sli'd hence why they have two SLi connectors.
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