Windows 7 detected a memory problem- How do I test memory ???

I have been having issue with my PC for quite some time. It crashes, and upon restart it often "forgets" stuff and has missing stuff so I have to constantly use the restore feature... untill finally that stops working. Then I clean install again... and start all over.

To date I have never been able to solve it. But I recently upgraded to windows 7 and it asked me to perform a memory test on restart. After the test it rebooted and said I have a memory problem.

That is all. lol.

Now I have 4 sticks of crucial ballistix overclocking memory in my mobo.. and the memory is speed rated much higher than the stock mobo runs it.

My biggest question is should I simple purchase 4 totally new sticks ??? and upgrade from 4gig to 8 gig ???

Or should I just replace the bad stick ???

and MOST IMPORTANT- How do I know which stick is bad?????

Is there a test program I can use to test my memory ???

Help me solve and trouble shoot this problem.

I am fed up with this and have a new SSD drive coming (vertex2 120gig)

So I plan a clean install on that of windows 7 64bit, and fixing this memory problem now is what I need to do all at the same time so I can enjoy crash free computing.

Happy Holidays to everyone (especially those who help me fix this!!!)
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  1. (BL2KIT12864AL1065)
    2-1GB 240-PIN UNBUFF DIMM 128MX64 DDR2 PC2-8500 CL5 W/LED EPP

    This is the ram I have. I bought 4 sticks all at the same time directly from CRUCIAL.

    It is the Ballistix version certified for overclocking...
  2. Quote:
    i have some..
    take the third and fourth sticks out and try and run it that way for a second to test..

    I did that and two are bad... and cause errors.

    Someone told me I should up my voltage...

    But crucial is sending me new RAM. They are sending me all 4 new because the new RAM is a difference build than the old RAM
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