Windows freezer during the boot loading screen

hello, i recently tried to oc my cpu, it seemed to have failed as after i chaned the cpu settings i tried to boot, halfay through the windows 7 boot just as the microsoft symbol is about to be created it freezes and restarts. i then have the option to start windows normaly or repair windows. i have tryed repairing multiple times but it dose not seem to work.
my system is
fx 6300
asrock pro3 970
samsung 64g ssd
8gb corsair vengeance ram
saphire 7850
please help
suggestions will be much appreciated
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  1. Undo the overclock in your bios, then try to boot again and let us know what happens.
  2. still does not work not a hard drive erra becasue hardrive works in other computer btw i get a bsod but after windows logo freezes
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