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first time trying to overclock my cpu, i have read the stickies on overclocking C2D's and C2Q's but i cant seem to have a stable enough speed.

i firstly bumped my multiplier up to 8.5 and set my fsb to 353 to reach 3.0 ghz from 2.66 and set my ram timings to 9-9-9-24 as manufacturers standards, bumped up Vcore voltage from 1.28... to 1.29... and made sure my ram speed was lower than default stock is 1333 (DDR3) and it was running at 1098

Then went to restart and it kept starting for 5 seconds at a time then shutting off. I managed to get it running turned it back to stock settings

QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 2666 MHz (8 x 333)
Gigabyte GA-G41MT-ES2L
Kingston 9905471-001.A00LF 2GB x2
stock cooling

Just wondering if i can get some help

also attached a realtemp stress test on stock everything
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  1. If it has a stock multiplier of 8, how did you set it at 8.5? You don't have an unlocked CPU so 8 should be as high as you can go.

    I think the problem you are going to have is that G41 motherboard. Not known to OC well and you are already using 333MHz FSB. Using stock cooling? Trying to get to 3GHz? Try keeping the 8x CPU multiplier, but set the FSB to 375. Make sure the RAM stays good. Try stock CPU vcore at first, but bump up in steps up to 1.35V max. If possible you might need to give your northbridge a bump as well. Probably only .2 max but not sure about that.
  2. the board has an option to notch it up and extra .5 and will get around to trying that asap
  3. I wasn't sure. Most G41 boards won't let you adjust NB voltages. Give it a go. I probably wouldn't reach for the NB voltage bump until you hit 1.3 on the CPU. Again, I'm honestly not sure how much more on the NB you might need.
  4. tried those settings, but nothing seems to set in stone.

    the problem im getting is that when i change the setting, save and exit it goes to restart but instead of doing that i hear what sounds like something shorting out.

    so then i pull the power cable out and wait 30 seconds for power to drain then boot it up again, load windows as normal etc and cpu-z still says stock speeds and fsb
  5. Something shorting? Might want to double check your installation then. Bios update?
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