Creative SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro errors

This was a beautiful relationship filled with infatuation and love, that soon after a year spiralled down to hatred and an approaching divorce.

I got the Creative SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro some time back. My old system was: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, Asus Blitz Formula, Asus 3870X2, 6GB Samsung RAM, Win XP 32bit. Everything worked perfectly and the sound was really amazing.

Then not so long ago I upgraded to: Intel i7 920, Asus Rampage II Extreme, Sapphire HD5870, 6GB Mushkin RAM.

Working on a fresh copy of Win XP 32bit & after installing the audio drivers, it became apparent that everything was in chaos. Using the optical/coaxial output the audio crackled & hissed. When playing music it sounded like an impending doom was approaching. Only analogue actually worked without any error.

So I installed Win7 32bit. Everything seemed fine now using the digital outputs, but not entirely. After some time watching a movie or playing music, soft crackling noises start & the output cut-outs for less then a second often while in playback. This happens with either DTS or Dolby Digital turned on or off. Again analogue is fine. The crackling does not go away until either a reboot or a factory reset of the audio drivers. Basically I do a reset of the settings every time I use the computer, which is extremely annoying >.<" Games work fine... amazingly... sometimes.

I’ve replaced the optical cable, installed latest drivers, installed a second Win 7 and still the same result. Tested the speakers, Logitech Z-5500, on another system. I refuse to use the analogue :pfff: lol. The digital output SHOULD work fine.

Googling around, I can’t find anything really similar to this scenario. The cause of this problem really is a mystery. Thinking it must be the motherboard, using the X58 chipset, dunno really. Any thoughts on that?

Secondly, I'm just scheming on either buying an Asus Xonar D2X or waiting for the new Creative X-Fi SB Titanium HD, any recommendations? I primarily use my pc for gaming, so one would think X-Fi, but if I cannot fixed this silly error, I won't care going for the Asus.

Thanks! :ange:
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  1. Why do you use 32 bit OS with 6 GB of RAM.!! Anyway, i guess you got a sound card with your motherboard also which is again based on X-Fi engine.. So try with it first.. Lets see if the problem is card or driver specific..
  2. Haha well when games actually significantly utilizes 64-bit tech I'll make the move :P Oh ye, did test the soundcard of the mobo, that works fine. Doesn't support full Dolby Digital or DTS though :/
  3. try check, is the problem solved if you turned off the crystalizer?
  4. It's still there but you hear the crackling less. Also forgot to add, bass becomes a total mess.
  5. I had some issues with digital output also. Certain programs would decide that digital output just wasn't good enough and they would play out the jacks regardless of digital being my default out. iTunes would play correctly, yet Unigine and the SB media player would choose to go the jack route. I did not try a DVD or a movie though before running to walmart and just buying a bunch of jack splitters to wire it to the router using jacks. Now everything is fine.

    If you want to uninstall everything that has to do with sound blaster, including the drivers,, go ahead and do so. Then download the win7 driver from creative's website for your card. Install that ONLY, then click on the auto update and let it do its thing. Creative X-fi drivers seem to be picky about which ordr you install them in. This has been the case for me, and a couple others that I have helped.

    Otherwise, if it still doesnt work... If some things sound fine from optical out while other things aren't, then I would assume that their drivers for optical out aren't full working yet. They weren't fully working for me, and this might be just another issue with optical out added to the list. The other reason for crackling sound, after all of the above, I guess would be your khz setings.

    Just uninstall EVERYTHING > install driver > auto update process.

    Good luck
  6. Actually i myself was thinking of getting this card which would be a heavy upgrade (considering tech) from my 6 year old sound blaster live 24 bit.. Not that my current card is giving any problems and yeah, i too have win 7 64 bit as my main OS.. I do not use digital as default though.. Just try once again as suggested above by doing a complete uninstall and then let windows update install the drivers for your card..
  7. So.. tried that... did not work -_- installed just the drivers after completely removing all drivers & apps, used Driver Sweeper to clean the reaming driver files up... nothing. Still crackles after some time. Getting the Asus Xonar DX2 tomorrow, hope that's error free.
  8. Right, so I got the Asus Xonar D2. Wow, HUUUGE difference when it comes to music&movies compared to my Creative. Best of all is, IT'S WORKING :D Though, when it comes to gaming, the Xonar sadly doesn't nearly match the Creative :/ A bit of a catch22 I'm in. lol.
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