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Windows 7: Simultaneous iPhone Bluetooth Tether and wifi

I am looking to connect to a wireless network that does not have an internet connection and at the same time tether to my iPhone so I can connect to the internet.

My iPhone tethers through Bluetooth without any issue and I have a connection to the internet.

As soon as I join a wireless network, Windows drops the internet connection to my iPhone. The iPhone and Windows are still connected to each other through Bluetooth, but under the task bar icon it says "No Internet Access" below the Network name.

The task bar icon also changes from the ethernet Icon to the wifi strength icon.

It seems like the wifi connection is overriding the bluetooth connection. Is there a way to maintain the IP address and Bluetooth internet connection and at the same time connect to the wifi network and access the devices I need on the wifi network?
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  1. Setup Internet Connection Sharing and you'll be able to connect to both networks at once. Use the iPhone to connect to the Internet and the shared connection (wireless) to connect to the other network.

    Just type in "internet connection sharing" in Windows 7 Help and Support.
  2. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, but I'm not sure if that will work with what I am trying to do. The sharing tab isn't available under the bluetooth network properties.

    I am connecting to a wifi router that is networked with certain devices. None of these devices need an internet connection, and they already have IP addresses assigned to them from the wireless router. And it seems like if I could enable ICS with the bluetooth connection, my laptop (the host) would want to assign other devices IP addresses on the wifi network.

    On my laptop I am running software that observes and controls these devices through the wifi network. I want to be able to bluetooth tether to my iPhone so I can also access the internet from my laptop (and only my laptop) if I need to. I am not trying to share the internet with other devices.

    I don't mind if ICS is the only way to enable this, as long as my computer isn't trying to assign IP addresses to other devices on the network. But it doesn't seem like it is an option for my blouetooth connection anyway.
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    ICS is the only way I can think of to connect to 2 nets like you want to. Just set your second net to not assign IP addresses and you should be fine.
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