Motherboard and VGA compatibility

I'm going to receive a gtx 460 1gb for christmas.

Problem is mobo is old. Question is can the mobo run the vc?


Manufacturer: Acer
Model: E946GZ
Chipset: Intel 946PL/GZ
Version: PCI-express
Link width: 16
Max. Supported: 16

Thanks all and have a merry christmas!
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Yes, you can use the 460 on this mobo, as it has a PCI-E x16 expansion slot.
  2. As T_T stated, it will support the GTX 460 but the bigger concern is, will your PSU support it!
  3. Im planning to upgrade to a 600watts 80+. Any suggestions?

    Tech guy at a retail shop told me that it wouldnt work on my motherboard as it is old!
  4. PSU: Corsair CMPSU-600CX would be a nice fit & more than enough power.
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    As far as PSU/mobo compatabilty, all that matters is what's called "Form Factor" (FF). The form factor of your PSU must match that of your mobo. For example, you must use an ATX FF PSU with an ATX FF mobo.

    Older mobos have a 20-pin socket for the P1 connector; whereas newer mobos have 24-pin sockets for the P1 connector. Most PSUs have a 20+4 P1 connector that is designed to fit either style of mobo you have.

    If you're concerned about the PSU being overkill, don't. Think of your PSU as a water reservoir. The power is "stored" in the PSU as water is stored in a reservoir. The PSU serves two functions:

    1. Converts AC to DC
    2. Sends power to the devices

    So... if your complete build only requires/uses 450W (hypothetically) and you install a 1000W PSU, the extra 550W just isn't being used. With that said, there is no way a PSU will overload a mobo.
  6. Hi T_T,

    So basically, I wont have any problems with PSU to mobo compatibility as long as I look for a PSU with a 20+4 p1 connector?
  7. Yes, if your mobo, case, and PSU are ATX form factor. If there is no specification on what form factor, then it is ATX. Even a micro ATX mobo is listed as "mATX".
  8. Is there an easier way to find out the form factor?

    The case is from the Acer Aspire m5600 package. I cant find the form factor in its specifications.

    i saw this though.

    Chassis: Desktop, 7.2" (183mm) W x 17.5" (445mm) L x 14.5" (370mm) H

    does that help?
  9. The m5600 is an ATX. So the PSU you are planning on buying will fit in this case.
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