The very moment before PC shuts itself down!


Right here! Right when I press the "use" button, the computer powers off immediately as if it is overheating!

I've done this 3 times now, loading from the savepoint, and trying to open the box. After I "use" to open the box, it shuts down while the box is opening.

I've beat this game so many times, and never had this problem.

Only difference from the last time and now is I have 12gb of ram now instead of 6gb, AND I updated the geforce 250 drivers that were released on 6-15-10, and I installed a X-fi fatal1ty sound card, which is updated, and plays everything just fine now. BTW, I played this for an hour before reaching this point today. This is the first part that I have had to "use" something in the game, though.

I think I may rollback the driver.... It likes to "crash and recover" sometimes when I play videos. Never has the system completely shut off though.

Has anyone else had this problem?!

HWmonitor recording the temps... the CPU never over 55c, the gcards run the game at 68-70c. I checked it rigght before the box, about 10 minutes after play.
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  1. I tried it again, this time I clicked the use button, and ran away, then snuck back in and grabbed the weapon and ran away again! No crash :D

    Evil crate

    What could cause that... a corrupted file? Geforce update?
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    lol. good workaround!
    but yeah try to roll bac kthe drivers.
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  4. Selected for best answer because rolling back the new driver released on 6-15-10 for geforce 250 SLI config, for the game crysis, did infact fix the problem

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