Hyper 212+ Thermal Paste

Hey everybody, I'm building a new computer this summer and have already purchased the 212. I was going to buy some thermal paste (around $10) and then realized that the 212 does come with some paste in the box. There's no ID or number on it to reference an official product. What I'm wondering is if anyone here knows what the product is or can vouch for its quality.

For reference (as it relates to cooling), my current build contains:

* i7-930 (probable overclocking in the future)
* HAF 922 case
* a second 120mm fan for the heatsink fan
* an additional 200mm side case fan
* ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard

Thanks for the help!
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    Arctic SIlver 5 or MX-2 are the preferred choices around here.
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