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hello,buying new laptop used for photoediting using photoshop elements 8 only. will have 4 gig of ram, 17 in screen, and 500 meg hard drive with
budget of $800.00 max and preferably closer to $600.00. 1. How does amd turion II dual core 2.3 ghz compare to intel i3 330mgz in terms of speed doing photoediting? (noticable or not) 2. would I see any great benefit in having a video card vs using integrated graphics? 3.wish to view
slide shows on big screen will i need hdmi connectivity (pictures will not be in hi def.) colors on sceen will have to match output of epson 1700
printer using x-rite system.
Any comments , suggestions, or important things i may have missed, including suggestions on actual systems would be greatly appreciated and
thanks in advance
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  1. 1 Look at this review over at Anandtech:
    Looks like AMD will have some CPU's that will be more competitive in the near future. I'd go with core i3 right now, but AMD is cheaper.

    2 Depends, for gaming definitely go with discrete. Discrete graphics will obviously cost you more. For photo editing I'm not sure you would see a difference, but I believe discrete would drive a large display better.

    3 not necesarily but it depends what inputs your big screen has. Don't know of too many that come with dvi or vga...
  2. Here is a benchmark list which could aid your decision
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