I have this card Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family in my computer and i personally think it sucks.
I want to play games like battlefield and this graphics card isn't the one for me is it?What card can i buy
thank you. :heink:
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  1. In order to answer the question we need to know more. The G31 isn't a card, its a GPU thats built into the motherboard. We need to know what computer you have, if you have a PCIe slot, and what PSU you have.
  2. Also your budget and your monitor's native resolution.
  3. basic all i want to know what is a good grapics card for gaming and i have a PCI slot
    and if i add an grapics card it will be an AGP
  4. What motherboard do you have that has the G31 and an AGP slot? Those should have died with the 925 series chipset at the latest.
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