Rana, callisto, deneb? T_T

Good day, I would like to ask if this would be a good build, some of the components on the previous suggestions were out of stock.

well anyway here is my new build:

phenom II x3 720 be (any other suggestion on this?)
sapphire 5770 vapor-x
Gigbayte GA-MA74GMT-S2
ddr3-1333 pc3-10600 Team Elite™ (2gbX2)
LG 22" (W2253TQ) wide black DVI

I'd be getting this on wed on a local store... i still need an hdd, a psu, and a case thanks guys!
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  1. ^ Save money and get the Athlon II X3 - 435/ 440 and invest in maybe the HD 5850/ HD 5830...
    PSU - Atleast a 500W if you will be going with HD 5850/ HD 5830...
    Or atleast a 450W if you will be going with HD 5770...
    PSU mainly from Antec EA or TP or ECO series/ Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ PCP&S/ OCZ/ CM Real Power or Silent PRO series...

    CASE - Maybe Antec 200 if you want a cheap yet good airflow case...Or get a equally big case with many fans...
  2. any 'energy efficient' psu's that you could recommend? i mean... i really haven't had any experience choosing/buying a psu at around $25-$30?
  3. OCZ ModExtreme 500W -> It should be able to handle HD 5870 too without any issues and after rebates would come to about $40...
    That is the least I would go on a PSU...
    Like I said, get any PSU from the list of manufacturers I have given above...those are all very efficient - 80+ certified with Active PFC(Reduces the amount of power consumed by the PSU to give out the required wattage)
  4. ok thank you... ocz then... o i just notice one thing... there's this warning about the mobo on the manufacturer's site that if i use an am3 socket it cuts the bus speed from 5200 to 2000 OUCH! http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ProductID=3268 any good proc on the same price range with this board?
  5. one more thing... how bout the ram which one is better that one on my build or this one 4gb (dual) ddr3-1333 G.Skill RipJaws? this build would be pushing through tomorrow... though i'm having trouble with my local suppliers... :(
  6. Well that is the limitation of the 740 chipset...And that too it is an AM3 socket mobo so will not fit any other CPUs...
    RAM speeds wont matter much...generally get a RAM with tighter timings...And 1333Mhz is fine...
  7. already got the rig! :p

    phenom II x4 925
    asus m4a78lt
    gskill ripjaw 2x2gb 1333
    sapphire hd 5770 vapor x
    lg 23" LED backlit
    liteon 24x
    hec 500w
    wd 320gb caviar blue
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