Gateway e4300 - Can it support newer LGA 775 CPUs?

I recently went to an auction and picked up a Gateway e4300. It has an Intel SE91510J motherboard, with a 3.2ghz P4HT CPU and 2gb of 533 mhz RAM. I slapped in my old Geforce 8800gt video and a 430 watt power supply in hopes to turn it into a HTPC. As expected, it does okay on most 720p movies, but chokes on 1080p movies.

After reading a bit online about the Intel SE91510J motherboard, I found out that it is a socket LGA 775 with a 800 mhz FSB. I was wondering if I am limited strictly to P4 CPUs, or if I'm able to upgrade to a pentium dual-core, or even a Core 2? If so, then what CPUs am I limited to and would that be fast enough to run a 1080p movie?

Thank you for your time
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    you will be able to upgrade to a PENTIUM D. keep in mind that this is different than a PENTIUM DUAL-CORE. the pentium d is based on p4, the pentium dual-core (which wont work) is based on core 2 duo.
    so PENTIUM D is the best yuo can do. these have an 800mhz fsb.
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