Nvidia 9500 gt and cod2 fps problems

I am using NVIDIA 9500 GT GeForce..playing cod2/4 with it...eversince i had it i was running cod2 with maximum fps..even could reach maximum of 1000@cod2,cod4 gave good preformance with 600 fps max...and now when i reinstalled my winXP...instaled drivers etc..cod4 works same agin but cod2 game dosnt give me more than 100 fps,i reinstaled game few times..even drivers of graphic card..reinstaled dx7 files to..nothing helps

I have AMd Athlon 64x dual core procesor 3600+ 2.1 Ghz, 1GB rams and NVIDIA 9500 GT
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  1. If your figures are accurate, I wouldn't complain about 100 fps; the human can't see more than 60 fps I think.
  2. how where you measuring the FPS? Using FRAPS?
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