AMD SB950 RAID Trim Support w/SSDs

I just asked this question in the RAID section hoping for a response, but I'm hoping for any helpful input so I'm asking here as well:

I've recently set up a new AMD AM3+ based machine with the 970 chipset. I'm running two Crucial M4 SSDs in RAID0 as my system disk. Does SB950 natively support the Trim command with RAID drives, as newer Intel chipsets with updated RAID drivers do? If not, is there a beta or 'test' version from AMD that may do this? Barring native support or experimental support, are there any applications that may allow for Trim support in a RAID setup on AMD's latest chipset?

I ask as I've noticed slower boot times and application loading times as the disk fills up (about 2/3 right now), and also checked to see if Win7 is using the Trim command currently, which it is. When I first set up using a single SSD on an older Q6600 machine with the Q965 chipset, boot times were actually faster, which is bizarre as that chipset only supports SATA 150.

Any ideas, experience, or suggestions?

Edit: Either way, I won't be abandoning the RAID setup at this time do to storage space constraints (it's still much faster than mechanical disks and I'm not going to invest in a single larger drive at this time).
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  1. TRIM is not supported on any RAID array on any chipset at this moment.
    Intel is supposed to support it on their official release of RST 11.5, but it hasn't come out yet.
  2. TRIM is a Windows feature. SSD's used in a RAID array do not recognize or use the Windows TRIM command.

    That is not a disaster. Modern solid state drives can do their garbage collection quiet well without the Windows TRIM command. It is one of those things that is nice to have but it isn't absolutely necessary.

    For the past two years we've been hearing that Intel was working on it. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer.
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