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We have a block of static IP addresses, because we are putting up multiple VM's of various types up that need to be accessed from the outside world I need to be able to (NAT??) assign access from outside through more than one static IP. Right now we have a mess of Linksys routers hanging off the cable modem, it works.. but its very messy and hard to admin them all reasonably. The Cisco ASA 5505 has been recomended but the Boss wants a couple more recomendations and I am unfortunately unsure of what features I need to check for in the routers.
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  1. Contact an HP rep and see what they have. We only use Cisco at my work.
  2. I'd recommend the Cisco ASA 5505... it's rock solid, and once you get it configured you'll forget you have it. Other options would probably be the CheckPoint VPN1 Edge, Juniper SXR 210. Really what it comes down to is what your priorities are... are you wanting to do integrated AV / Content filtering or IPS? If you just want to route packets and firewall them with VPN throughput that can't be beat, go with the Cisco. If you're trying to accomplish more than that then reply back and we can probably suggest some other options that include more... though the ASA has the SSC available now, so you can add Content OR IPS to the 5505 (but not both).
  3. Great, the Cisco was what I was leaning towards but I will check out the others suggested .

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