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Wacth PC on Tv while using PC, HDMI to TV Questions

Ok, So i want to use my computer on my TV. I know how to do that. HDMI cable from PC to TV.

What i want to do is, send ONE webpage or one movie/program on the TV, while still being able to use my computer with that minimized, but still playing on the TV.

I tried google but maybe i wasn't using the right search terms. Is it something i can customize using windows or do i Need a third party program to allow me to do so?
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    Assuming you are using two monitors on a desktop, then you need to right click the desktop and select "screen resolution". There is a drop down labeled "multiple displays" and select "Extend These Desktops".

    You can then open the movies or whatever on the TV, and use the other screen for whatever you want. However, most movie software responds to mouse movements and will pop up the movie progress bar and controls.
  2. No just one monitor. I want to be able to send a "window" or just my "media player" to my TV thru the HDMI without it interferring with my Computer usage and just have that minimized or running in the background. Im guessing I will need a program to do that.
  3. when I say monitor, I mean any device capable of displaying a picture. So a TV and traditional computer monitor would be two monitors.

    The only wording that is throwing me off is you saying to have the video minimized which doesn't make sense to me since it wouldn't be displayed on the TV then.
  4. I mean i want to be able to use my computer, like type on this forum, have photoshop open editing some images etc. And while im using my computer, I have it connected thru the HDMI to my TV.

    I want to be able to have, windows media player or miro or quicktime playing a movie or have a browser window streaming a TV show, and have just that program or browser window being displayed on the TV.
  5. Do what Nordlead says, extend the desktop and you will be good:)
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  7. awesome, ty.
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